Wednesday, December 11, 2013

DIY Sewing Table

Hello there! How's your Wednesday so far? Well, here I am today sharing my first ever DIY post on this blog. On a side note, I plan on posting here regularly and I was thinking about calling it DIY Wednesday! I think that sounds in tune. Hopefully I could keep the pace, though. Now moving on, I just want to show you the before and after pictures of my sewing table project. If you want the step by step tutorial on sanding, painting and all that she-bangs, I can give you the link of another blog post that I found on Pinterest.

First off, I want to tell you a little history about this vanity dresser or a vanity table or what ever you call it. My hubby found it sitting on a curb waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck. End of story. He knew I wanted a table for my sewing machine and thought this table would be perfect for that. I knew too that it's gonna be great for that purpose as soon as I saw it. 
If you are creative enough, I'm sure you'd be able to transform this table into something extraordinary. As the saying goes, the possibilities are endless. However, my creativity has a limit and at that moment I can only think of white and crystal. 

It's really simple to re-purpose something but when it involves wood cutting and hammering, you definitely need a husband to do that. Or a boyfriend at least. There's two major changes made on this table. One was changing pull-out drawer into a hinged shelf compartment (Refer Photo below) and second is the drop-in table. Since I had to lower the sewing machine, I had to give up one drawer. And instead of permanently covering it, I decided to do it that way so I can also use it as a door for my machine's power switch. Everything worked as planned and I'm so happy that I finally have a table without spending a lot.

Materials used:

         - Primer
         - White gloss paint
         - Sand paper
         - New knobs

For doing the drop-in table, you might want to refer to this awesome tutorial in Marta's blog. Have a glamorously simple DIY Wednesday everyone! xox

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