Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY Gift Bag

Wrapping gifts is always fun but kinda aggravating when wrapping odd shaped things especially those without the box. I had this pink Pony toy I got my daughter for Christmas and it didn't came with a box so I decided to be a little creative and use the paper bag idea to wrap it. It was a bit challenging because I had to do a long and narrow bag to make it fit perfectly. 

Good thing I have a thicker wrapping paper which is great for this heavy toy. Most of the wrapping papers sold nowadays are too thin to handle such weight as they tear easily.

1. Prepare gift wrap, tape and scissors.
2. Measure and estimate the size of your present.
3. Fold into half but make sure to overlap the ends, then tape.
4. Fold bottom.
5. Open bottom and fold it into a diamond shape like so (photo above).
6-7. Fold both ends towards the center, then tape.
8. Fold the sides then tuck them in (or fold it inwards) until they look like #9. It took a while to do that since my bag is pretty long and narrow. But with a small bag, I'm sure it'll be easy.

Happy diy wrapping everyone! xoxo

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